Hover/touch the control panel items for an overview of your Advanced Meter

View a .pdf of the overview

All meters installed by Alpine Energy have a Tamper Detect Switch and a Seal to deter unauthorised people from opening the meter. This protects the integrity of your usage information.

ALPEIN SmartMeter cropped

The display will scroll through the registers and each time the Register Display Number changes, the prominent number in the top line changes (in the example on the left the Register Display Number is 32- Current date shown in Day : Month . Year). This can be stopped and manually scrolled through by pushing button 1.
The Register Display Numbers as shown on the auto scroll screen will show as:

  • 01 kWh Import Total (with 02, 03; dependant in pricing plan and property)
  • 54 Active kW’s
  • 31 Time
  • 32 Date
  • 33 Meter Programme ID File
  • 34 Meter Programme File Version
  • 88 Test Pattern

The slideshow below will show you what you will find on the screen of your new installed Advanced Meter (Smart Meter). With this information you will be able to read the usage of your power (kWh).