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On Saturday November 4, we will celebrate a 10-year association with the region's annual 10 Hour Mountain Bike Race.

In recognition of the long-standing sponsorship, event organisers have added a special e-bike category to the day and an Alpine Energy e-bike charging station in the transition area for those who need to power up.

The race course sits in Centennial Park, right in the heart of Timaru. The aim of the event is to cover as many laps as possible during 10 hours of riding. Each lap is 9km.

Corporate Services manager Michael Boorer says each year Alpine gives out hundreds of thousands of dollars in sponsorship which promotes the region through sporting, recreational or educational events.

"Like us the 10 hour mountain bike event is adapting to new technologies by introducing the e-bike category and we couldn't be more excited to see people beginning to embrace this form of recreation."

Chris Thomas from Special Events Aoraki Ltd, which manages the race, says the partnership with Alpine Energy has helped the local mountain bike club with track development and maintenance at the park as well as helping to run the popular event.

"A huge thank you to Alpine Energy for a decade of supporting the Alpine Energy10 Hour Mountain Bike Race.

Over that time it changed from a 12 hour event to a 10 hour race and we’ve introduced lots of new initiatives such as new e-bike charging station at the 2017 event."

The 10-hour Mountain Bike Race is one of our longest continuous sponsorship with about $2 million distributed back into the community through our financial support of local events, facilities and personal development grants over the last five years.

Check out the Mountain Bike Race website