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February 2017

A project to improve the electrical infrastructure and provide for industrial expansion and economic growth is underway in Washdyke, Timaru.

Alpine Energy is laying four new high voltage underground cable circuits from the Transpower Timaru Substation on Old North Road to Alpine’s site on Seadown Road. Each circuit is about 3.7km in length and consists of three single core cables, having cross-sectional area of 1000 mm2, requiring 45km of cable in total to complete the project.

Once completed, the new infrastructure will provide consumers in the general Washdyke industrial and outlying areas with a substantial increase in available capacity, improved reliability and security of supply for the next 15-20 years.

Alpine Energy CEO Andrew Tombs says the project is a significant investment in South Canterbury’s future and provides vital infrastructure for the continued economic development of the region. Mr Tombs says the project will enable opportunities for new businesses and for existing businesses to expand their operations.

“Over the last few years there have been land-use changes in the wider Washdyke area. More land is being zoned for industrial development and with that comes more demand for electricity.”

The project, carried out by NETcon (Alpine’s subsidiary electrical contracting company), is expected to be completed in early April.

There is no planned disruption to power supply in the Washdyke area as part of the project.