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The Electricity Network Association (ENA) has put an informative page on its website breaking down your electricity bill to show you what you're paying for.

Below is a section from the organisation's website.

Every dollar you pay for your electricity can be broken down into five main cost components.

  • Around 30 percent covers the cost of producing the power - the wholesale generation price.
  • Ten percent covers the cost of getting the electricity from where it was produced to your local area. This covers the cost of maintaining and operating the national grid, and goes to government-owned company Transpower.
  • Just over a quarter (26 percent) goes to your local distributor or lines company. Your local distributor takes the electricity from the national grid and gets it to your home or business. They are also responsible for maintaining the poles and wires in your community - and fixing faults or outages when they happen.
  • Around 20 percent goes to your chosen electricity retailer and the company that reads and maintains your electricity meters, covering the administrative costs of selling you electricity and billing.
  • The other thirteen percent is the GST component in every dollar.

To learn more about your power bill please visit ENA's website. Here is a link to the page.