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Scholarship programme

The LineTrust South Canterbury Scholarship Fund was established to benefit those studying towards a degree which will benefit the electricity distribution sector and or the electricity consumer.

The aim of the scholarship is to assist the successful candidates to develop expertise and understanding of more efficient ways of producing and distributing electrical energy for the benefit of South Canterbury and nationally throughout New Zealand.

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About the LineTrust South Canterbury

Apart from its term, the new trust is similar to the old trust. A review of the new trust is required every three years. Five Trustees are elected, three by consumers in the Timaru District Council area, one from the Waimate District and one from the Mackenzie District. A trustee election will be held every three years.

The South Canterbury Power Trust was formed in 1992 as a consequence of the Energy Companies Act 1992 when the South Canterbury Electric Power Board and the Timaru Municipal Electricity merged and Alpine Energy Limited was created.

A consumer trust was formed to hold 40% of the shares in Alpine Energy Ltd. Timaru District Holdings Limited company owns 47.5% of Alpine's shares, Waimate District Council 7.54% and the Mackenzie District Council 4.96%.