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If you're concerned about the safety of any power lines, please call us on 03 687 4300 or 0800 661177.

Getting near to, or contacting, power lines can be fatal or lead to serious injury. Some people are more at risk of touching power lines because of their hobby or occupation – farmers and farm workers, builders and boaties.

Be aware of the dangers of power lines and keep yourself safe.

Treat all lines as live at all times

  • DO NOT go near or touch a downed line.
  • DO NOT climb any power pole or pylon.
  • LOOK UP before handling long objects or using mechanical plant. High voltage electricity can jump across gaps - you don't need to touch the lines to get killed.
  • BE SAFE when trimming trees so that they don't fall into power lines.
  • DO NOT excavate around power poles without speaking to us first.

Application to work near power poles and lines

If you need to work near power lines or poles, you must first apply to us. Once the application is approved we will return your application to you with a permit number. Email completed form to

Apply to work near conductors of overhead electric lines