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Our pricing schedule and methodology

We own and operate the electricity distribution network in the South Canterbury region and deliver electricity to more than 33,000 homes and businesses. We recover the cost of owning and operating the network through prices for electricity lines services and capital contributions for new connections.

We're regulated by the Commerce Commission and are required to publish our pricing methodology for electricity lines services. This is the report called the Pricing Methodology. It provides information to help interested parties in understanding how our electricity lines prices are set.

Pricing changes June 2024

We have updated our delivery prices (or lines charges), and our new prices will become effective on 1 June 2024. These will apply
until the end of March 2025 and are lower than those which we earlier notified to customers. The reduction in our pricing is part of
an Alpine-initiated process to correct an error in our historical line’s prices.

The impact on your bill will be dependent on factors such as your annual consumption and the way retailers package their pricing.

Alpine apologises to customers for the error.

For more information visit  Frequently asked questions

Effective 1 June 2024Pricing Schedule 
Addendum to Pricing Methodology
Effective 1 April 2024Pricing Methodology
Pricing Schedule
Transmission Settlement Residual Pass-Through Methodology
Effective 1 April 2023

Pricing Methodology
Pricing Schedule
Transmission Settlement Residual Pass-Through Methodology

Previous pricing methodologies