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Be safe when irrigating

We know irrigation is an essential part of farming, but mixed with electricity it can be dangerous.

Follow our top tips to ensure safety on your farm and avoid disruptive and expensive power outages.

  • Distance - Keep irrigators at least 4m away, ideally further, from overhead lines.
  • Placement - Make sure jet irrigators and the booms of rotary irrigators are not directed at power lines.
  • Movement - Ensure pipes or metal parts aren't accidentally swung into lines.
  • Power - Treat every electric wire as live at all times.
  • Guidewires - Take care working around the guide wires on electrical poles - bumping these wires can cause the lines to snag.

Accidental contact between irrigators and overhead power lines is a genuine concern on New Zealand farms.

Irrigation equipment in close proximity of power lines can be fatal for you or your farm staff.