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Alpine Energy powers up South Canterbury with innovative EV charger technology

  • South Canterbury's EV charging scene has had a major boost with the installation of three ground-breaking new chargers, powered by Alpine Energy. Located at Z Caroline Bay, Sarah Street, these chargers form part of Z Energy NZ’s (Z) electric charger roll out in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Their installation in the region represents a significant step for local and visiting EV drivers.

    Designed and manufactured by an emerging leader in the field, Red Phase Technology, a New Zealand-owned and operated company, their cutting-edge technology is notable for its ability to deliver ultra-fast, 200kW charging to multiple electric vehicles (EVs) simultaneously. It achieves this while minimising the impact on the local power grid.

    Andrew Kerr, Chief Customer and Strategy Officer at Alpine Energy commented “We are thrilled to be supporting this development in South Canterbury's EV infrastructure and for the impact it will have on our customers. Giving our community more power of choice, greater convenience, and the ability to make smarter energy decisions, is right up our ally. This innovative charger is a testament to our commitment to supporting a sustainable future in the region, and we are proud to play a vital role in enabling its connection to the grid."

    The technology behind Red Phases’ EV chargers unlocks a new era of convenience and efficiency and has the intelligence to help manage power consumption during high load periods.

    “The decision to connect these EV chargers to our grid, was an obvious one for us. The Red Phase technology, which can help manage power consumption, means a more stable and reliable supply for everyone and that’s at the heart of what we do”, said Damien Whiffen, Chief Assets and Operations Officer for Alpine Energy.

    Spokesperson for Red Phase Technology, based in Napier, commented, “Partnering with Alpine Energy to introduce our technology into their network has been a seamless and positive experience. From project concept to design and execution, Alpine Energy has been open-minded, responsive, and pragmatic, resulting in an excellent outcome for the end customer. We aim to revolutionise EV charging with ultra-fast, ultra-reliable technology that supports the grid's ability to meet these new demands, ensuring a swift transition to an electric future for consumers. We eagerly anticipate more projects with Alpine Energy."

    The arrival of this revolutionary charger marks a significant milestone in South Canterbury's journey towards a cleaner, greener transportation future and paves the way for wider EV adoption, as customers become empowered energy decision-makers, shaping their own sustainable future.

    “The Red Phase team was a pleasure to work with and we’re confident that we will work together on future projects as the demand for EV travel increases and the pressure to move to electrification mounts in the transportation industry”, concluded Damien Whiffen from Alpine Energy.