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You can hover over the image below and pop-up text will appear to show how to read your smart meter and what the different information on the displays are about.

All meters installed by us have a tamper detect switch and a seal to deter unauthorised people from opening the meter. This protects the integrity of your usage information.

This is your usage in kilowatt-hours, this register will align to your electricity account. The number of registers will vary dependant on the electrical configuration of your properties and the pricing plan from your retailer. The meter will scroll through all kWh registers which are on your electricity account.

Active watts

Shows the amount being used currently in watts, 1000 watts showing for one hour equals 1 kWh of electricity used. The greater number of appliances turned on, the higher active watts will be.


Current New Zealand Standard Time in 24-hr format; midnight is shown as 00:00


Shown in day, month  and year