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Distributed generation connected to any of our networks, can be curtailed or interrupted from time to time to ensure that our other connection and operation standards are met.

We may interrupt the connection of any distributed generation to the distribution network, or curtail either the operation or output of distributed generation, or both, and may temporarily disconnect the distributed generation from the distribution network in any one or more of the following cases:

  • If we consider it reasonably necessary for planned maintenance, construction or repairs on the distribution network;
  • In an emergency or for the purpose of protecting, or preventing danger or damage to, persons or property;
  • If the customer modifies its distributed generation, without obtaining prior authorisation from us, in such a way that the modification has a material effect on the injection of electricity from the distributed generation into the distribution network (i.e. increasing the system capacity from less than 10 kW to more than 10 kW; or
  • As a consequence of obligations that may be imposed on us which, in our opinion, could affect the operation of the distributed generation for example, obligations imposed by Transpower New Zealand both as owner of the national grid and as the system operator, obligations to an electricity retailer, or obligations arising in respect of other distribution networks, or imposed by law including the Electricity Industry Participation Code 2010.
  • In the case of a prevalence or saturation of distributed generation installations on any part of our distribution network leading to operational issues.

We strongly recommend that prospective generation operators review their internal networks with regard to minimising voltage drop between the point of connection and the generator.