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30th Anniversary Celebrations

27 Oct 2023

Today, we gathered as a united team to mark a significant occasion – the 30th anniversary of the Alpine Energy brand! Our CEO, Caroline Ovenstone, shared the history of Alpine Energy, tracing it back to its beginnings in 1906 when the Timaru Borough Council contracted with Scott Brothers of Christchurch to provide electricity to the town.

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Connexis Annual Connection event

22 Sep 2023

A massive congratulations to the NETcon crew who participated in the Connexis Annual Connection event, hosted by PowerNet. During this 3-day competition, these skilled line mechanics and cable jointers demonstrated their expertise and the essential knowledge they use daily to keep the power flowing to homes and businesses in South Canterbury.

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Temuka Geraldine 33kv Maintenance

21 Sep 2023

Last week our team undertook the enormous task of maintaining and upgrading our 33kv overhead lines that traverse the countryside from Temuka, all the way to our Geraldine sub-station. This section of overhead lines supplies electricity to over 2,600 households, businesses, and farms in the region so this project was critical with our end goal being to increase the resiliency of our network so that any future outages will be fewer in number and of shorter duration.

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Working better together

24 Aug 2023

Alpine Energy Limited announced today that it will be combining its electricity lines business with NETcon’s electrical contracting business. This strategic move marks an important achievement in being prepared for the growth expected in Alpine’s line network as well as preparing for the resilience needed in the face of ever-increasing weather events.

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Powering Timaru's Future

11 Jul 2023

Join us on a journey to ensure a secure and more reliable power supply for Timaru! Watch our latest video highlighting the Timaru City Overhead Line Maintenance project, showcasing our commitment to our community and building a stronger infrastructure for the future.

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Waimate Reliability

21 Apr 2023

We're thrilled to announce the completion of our latest project - the Waimate Reliability Project! Our team has worked hard to upgrade and install new 11kV switching equipment with minimal disruptions to customers.

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