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Electricity retailers use our network to get electricity to their customers.

New retailers who wish to trade on the trade on Alpine Energy’s network are required to enter into an agreement with Alpine prior to approaching consumers on the network.

This agreement is provided under a Default Distributor Agreement (DDA). The DDA and other related information is provided on this page. This information is intended for use by existing and new electricity retailers operating in our reticulation area and is in addition to information that is required to be provided under the Disclosure Regulations.

Default Distributor Agreement (PDF)

Appendix A – Distributions on behalf of Distributor

Appendix B - Provision of trust co-operative company information

Appendix C - Provision of consumption data

Sign up with an energy retailer

Alpine Energy owns and operates the electricity network in South Canterbury that delivers power from the national grid to somewhere in the vicinity of your property boundary.

To connect and receive power at your property, you need to nominate and sign up with an electricity retailer of your choice. This is the company that you will receive your power bill from and to whom you pay your power bill.

Electricity retailers that currently supply customers on Alpine Energy’s network are listed here.