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Planned outages occur when we have to turn your power off so we can work safely near our network assets such as power lines and transformers.

The most common reasons for a planned outage are the replacement of power poles, overhead conductors or transformers, and the maintenance of underground power cables.

Scheduling work at night is avoided if possible, as low visibility is a safety concern for this high risk work.

We get that during the day, planned outages can disrupt businesses, schools and other essential services. Unfortunately, there just isn’t a good time of day for an outage. The good news though, is the work we do on scheduled outages will help prevent surprise outages in the future.

Unplanned outages

The physical nature of an electricity network means that, regardless of location, unplanned outages can occur.

Outages are often caused by extreme weather, trees touching the lines, car accidents involving power poles, and lines and cables being accidentally damaged by digging. The greatest risk to our network is a storm, which can cause widespread outages.