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Media release | 24 August 2023

Alpine Energy Limited announced today that it will be combining its electricity lines business with NETcon’s electrical contracting business. This strategic move marks an important achievement in being prepared for the growth expected in Alpine’s line network as well as preparing for the resilience needed in the face of ever-increasing weather events.

“We're creating an even stronger foundation together. Both businesses have always been focused on serving our community. It is time for us to streamline our operations, share our expertise and develop the capabilities we need to future ready our network and business to meet our customers’ growth needs.” Caroline Ovenstone, CEO commented.

Alpine has experienced a significant increase in the demand to connect to the electricity network, driven by decarbonisation, economic growth, a rise in EVs in the region and large-scale solar farm applications.  The company expects to increase the investment in its networks upwards of 150% in the next 10 years.  Bringing the companies together will simplify customer facing operations, unlock efficiencies and allow the business to position itself to meet future demands. This development comes after Alpine experienced record customer connection revenue as detailed in its recently released annual report.