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Alpine Energy adjusts prices effective 1 June 2024

We have updated our delivery prices (or lines charges), and our new prices will become effective on 1 June 2024. These will apply
until the end of March 2025 and are lower than those which we earlier notified to customers. The reduction in our pricing is part of
an Alpine-initiated process to correct an error in our historical line’s prices.

The impact on your bill will be dependent on factors such as your annual consumption and the way retailers package their pricing.

Alpine apologises to customers for the error.


Delivery prices include distribution and transmission prices and exclude metering charges.

Fixed prices accrue daily at the rate of 1/365th of the annual amount for 2024/25. The fixed transmission price for sites in the 015UHCA, 015ULCA, 360UHCA and 360ULCA load groups is a special price for the provision of electric water heating that cannot be controlled by Alpine Energy via a ripple relay.

Variable prices are made up of day unit prices (charged per kWh between 7am and 11pm) and night unit prices (between 11pm to 7am).

Capacity prices only apply to sites with a capacity (kW) charge. The demand level at these sites is assessed and set by Alpine Energy and is available on request. The price accrues daily at the rate of 1/365th of the annual amount for 2024/25.

All prices are GST exclusive. GST is payable in addition to the prices. Additional terms and conditions detailed in our “Use of System Agreement” and “Memorandum of Understanding” may also apply.

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