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How to permanently decommission your power supply

For bigger projects (moving/demolishing a house, extensive renovations or subdividing a property) you’ll probably need to decommission your existing connection as the future supply may need to be reconfigured.

Here's what you'll need to do:

  • Get in touch with your energy retailer. They can close your account at the right time, confirm your details and let us know what’s required. Remember we’ll need at least two days to complete the work for you.
  • Assess what’s required. We’ll assess the work and if it looks like a complicated job, we’ll thoroughly scope and design the best process then provide you with a quote to approve.  If it’s a straightforward decommission, we’ll get straight onto it.
  • Equipment removed. Our crew will remove the supply at the boundary. Once the lines are decommissioned, we, or your retailer, may also remove the metering or load control device from the meter board.
  • Clean up. Your electrician or contractor can tidy up any remaining service lines and take away any debris.

Please contact us to apply for a decommission 0800 66 11 77 or