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Simons Pass upgrade

Great news for our friends in the Simons Pass area! We've just completed a major upgrade to the local electricity network working alongside Network Waitaki to get the job done faster and with fewer disruptions for the community. This remote stretch of line is crucial for Mackenzie Country farmers, who rely on a steady supply of power for everything from shearing sheep to keeping fridges stocked.

This project replaced a whopping 89 poles, significantly improving reliability across a 35km stretch of the Pass. We also went the extra mile (literally!) with 20-tonne diggers to assist with the massive task. On top of that, our crews replaced 233 crossarms, performed general maintenance on a further 342 poles and interestingly, also installed special equipment at strategic points where we tend to get bird strikes, so we can automatically isolate faults leaving the remainder of the line open.

This vital upgrade ensures our Mackenzie farmers and residents can continue to do what they do best. A massive thanks to our crews who spent time away from their families to deliver this work and for the community for their patience.