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Cable plans  and locating

Please play it safe by using a cable location service to check what's underground before you dig.

Serious personal injury can result from damaging underground services during excavation and ground penetration, such as posthole drilling. Supply disruption and repairs can be costly and extremely irritating to customers.

The position where cables are buried are subject to a reasonable tolerance from what may be indicated on plans and the depth may have changed since installation. It's your responsibility to verify the position and depth of cables before excavation.

Plans can be obtained through the BeforeUDig online service and will typically be provided within 2-5 working days. If cables are not in the position shown on the plan or you require help please follow the instructions on the documents supplied with the plan or call us on 0800 66 11 77 for further assistance.

Steps to ensure safe digging:

  • Obtain up-to-date plans from the relevant local authorities.
  • Use a cable locator, if possible, to mark-out the underground services before commencing work.
  • Practice safe digging procedures.

Worksafe's Guide for Safety with Underground Services sets out agreed work methods and preferred work practices for the location and excavation of underground services.

Apply for a cable locate service  (BeforeUDig)