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Connecting over 31,000 customers

We're a community-owned and operated company which manages the electricity distribution network in South Canterbury.

The network connects over 31,000 customers throughout the region. Our subsidiary contracting company NETcon provides a wide range of network and electrical services while our other subsidiary, Infratec, delivers renewable technology projects in New Zealand and overseas.

What's our purpose?

Our vision

  • Empowering our community
    (One of the best electricity distribution businesses in the country)

Our mission

  • Infrastructure that provides secure, reliable electricity supply in South Canterbury

Our values

  • Health and safety always
  • Lawful conduct
  • Respect, integrity, and honesty
  • Professional excellence
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Contribute to the community

Business plan goals

  • Shareholders
    To pursue business policies which will maximise the value of the company in the medium and long-term.
  • Customers
    To provide customers with the safe, efficient, economic and reliable delivery of energy and services.
  • Efficient Use of Resources 
    To promote energy efficiency and effective utilisation of resources under our management.
  • Public and Social Responsibility
    To be a law abiding and responsible company.
  • Human Resources
    To be regarded as a fair and reasonable employer in our region and a company for whom staff are proud to work for.