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We're a community-owned and operated company which manages the electricity distribution network in South Canterbury.

The network connects over 31,000 customers throughout the region. Our subsidiary contracting company NETcon provides a wide range of network and electrical services while our other subsidiary, Infratec, delivers renewable technology projects in New Zealand and overseas.

We also have investments in Rockgas Timaru.

What's our purpose?

Our mission

  • Ensure continuing commercial success by providing: safe; reliable; and efficient energy delivery and infrastructure services.

Our vision

  • To develop, operate, and maintain integrated energy delivery solutions for the benefit of our community.

Our values

  • Health and safety always
  • Lawful conduct
  • Respect, integrity, and honesty
  • Professional excellence
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Contribute to the community

Business plan goals

  • Shareholders
    To pursue business policies which will maximise the value of the company in the medium and long-term.
  • Customers
    To provide customers with the safe, efficient, economic and reliable delivery of energy and services.
  • Efficient Use of Resources 
    To promote energy efficiency and effective utilisation of resources under our management.
  • Public and Social Responsibility
    To be a law abiding and responsible company.
  • Human Resources
    To be regarded as a fair and reasonable employer in our region and a company for whom staff are proud to work for.