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Our Purpose

Empowering our vibrant and thriving communities now and for the future

At Alpine Energy, our purpose is to empower South Canterbury's vibrant and thriving communities with secure, reliable energy while innovating for a sustainable future. We proudly own and operate the electricity distribution network that powers over 33,500 homes and businesses in the region. As an essential lifeline service, we play a critical role in supporting South Canterbury's economic growth and New Zealand's transition to a low-carbon economy.

Why We Matter

Thriving Communities: Reliable electricity supports thriving families and businesses, fostering a robust and dynamic region.

Electricity for All: We ensure that all electricity users can access and use the electricity they need, making it accessible, reliable, and affordable.

Resilient and Reliable Supply: Our electricity infrastructure is resilient and adaptive in the face of climate change, ensuring consistent service for current and future generations.

Healthy and Safe Communities: We prioritise the health and safety of our people, communities, and environment, ensuring a sustainable and secure future.

Our Commitments

Innovation and Efficiency: Regulated by the Commerce Commission, we strive to innovate, improve efficiency, and provide high-quality services that meet consumer demands.

Transparency and Planning: Our Asset Management Plan, published annually, outlines our strategies, major projects, and investment plans for the next decade, ensuring transparency and accountability in our operations.

Our Vision and Values

Vision: Empowering Our Community

Values: Safety, Accountability, Integrity, all built on a foundation of Respect.