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We're proud to sponsor a huge range of personal endeavours, activities and events throughout the region which help make a difference in your community.

Over the last five years we've given close to $2 million to the South Canterbury community through our sponsorship and personal development programmes.

The allocation of funding helps local clubs, groups, organisations and trusts with progress plans, promotion and enjoyment of our region as well as giving locals a helping hand with their personal endeavours.

We're fortunate to have many talented and dedicated people in our region. While this is heartening, it does mean difficult choices have to be made as there's a limit to the funds available.

Successful applicants might not get the full amount applied for and we don't allocate funding to school sports teams.

Our sponsorship advisory committee consider a range of applications across sporting, cultural and community areas of personal development.

Tuition expenses / fees or activities which generate income for the recipient will not be considered.

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