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Empowering Our Community

We take great pride in accomplishing our goal of empowering our community through our Sponsorship and Personal Grants Program. Our Sponsorship Committee carefully reviews applications from various fields while representing the South Canterbury region. We provide sponsorship for a wide range of individual development, events, projects, and facility infrastructure, which contribute to the growth, unity, and prosperity of our region.

Our Sponsorship Committee convenes twice a year to evaluate sponsorship applications using a weighted matrix. We consider factors such as community empowerment, goodwill, regional growth, prosperity, and alignment with our core business and values. However, we do not sponsor social or welfare projects, nor do we support individual sports teams. Additionally, we do not consider requests for tuition expenses or activities that generate income for the recipient.

In addition to our sponsorship efforts, we also offer personal grants to support individuals in their pursuit of personal excellence.

Applications open annually on March 01 -  April 30 and September 01 – October 31.

Note: Applications now closed until 01 March 2024, due to all funds being allocated.

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