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A solar panel trial is underway as part of the exciting solar power installation opportunity.

We have installed solar panels and an inverter on the roof of our Tekapo substation. As well as testing the equipment in a range of weather conditions such as high winds, heavy snow and hail, we're also gathering data and monitoring the site as part of our solar panel trial.

You can see how much power is being generated on the Tekapo substation roof. View our live data feed from the solar panel trial in Tekapo here. It can take moment to load.

Why solar?

Solar offers an endless supply of clean and renewable energy. As well as being the fastest growing energy source in the world today. Solar is becoming more affordable and reliable than ever before.

What are solar panels and inverters?

The solar panels or photovoltaic panels are made up of cells which convert solar energy from the sun into direct current (DC) electricity via the photovoltaic effect. Along with the solar panels the solar inverter is the most important part of the trial solar system.

The solar inverter is designed to change the DC electricity produced by the panels into alternating electricity (AC) electricity. The AC electricity is then transferred from the solar inverter into your home, workplace or school where it is used to power your everyday appliances.

Can you sell your solar power back to the grid?

Yes, as long as the plant and installation meets the network requirements of Alpine Energy. The method involves using "grid-connected" systems, also known as "distributed generation" systems. Many electricity retailers do buy back excess electricity generated from your solar power system at different rates.

Are there any Government subsidies?

Currently there is no FIT (Feed in Tariff) in New Zealand.

Are there any tax implications for generating my own electricity, or selling surplus back to the grid?

No. The electricity savings generated by your solar power system are not considered taxable income.