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Ultra-fast broadband is not something commonly associated with an energy company but delivering wholesale fibre optic cable services to retailers is a growing enterprise for Alpine Energy.

For more than five years we’ve been involved in owning and managing fibre optic networks throughout South Canterbury and, as a result of customer demand, we’re looking to expand the existing fibre network.

The expansion will provide both diversity and increased capacity as the current network is almost fully utilised and has been experiencing significant customer interest for additional capacity in the region.

Our fibre network, leased to a range of telecommunications operators and internet service providers, is an essential network link that connects homes, businesses and people in the southern regions of New Zealand to the rest of the world.

Our involvement with fibre optic networking began during the first round of the Government’s ultra-fast broadband initiative in 2009.

From that initial work, we’re now delivering wholesale fibre optic cable services - a business model that is identical to our energy business.

As part of this approach, we formed a joint venture with the University of Canterbury, in Tekapo, connecting the Mount John observatory to the Chorus exchange via the town’s central business district through a jointly owned fibre optic cable.