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We've started trialling a grid connected commercial battery energy storage system to better understand new and emerging technologies and role they play in our country’s future.

The purpose of the five-year trial of the technology is to get more information about the impact of demand response, load shifting and alternative tariff structures from the perspective of a distribution lines company.

The trial is being managed by one of our subsidiary companies, Infratec, a company well recognised for its leadership in research, development and deployment of new technologies within the energy sector.

The project not only delivers efficiencies to our core business but it also provides us with the chance to grow our internal capability in new technologies and to prepare to support emerging technologies by utilising battery storage technology.

It is anticipated smaller versions of the battery will be produced which can be used by heavy power users to store power generated by other means such as solar panels or wind turbines.

The battery was supplied by Australian company, EMC Solar Construction.