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By law, power can’t be supplied to a new or renovated building until it has passed its electrical inspection.

This can only take place after your electrician has completed the wiring and the associated paperwork.  It is the electrician’s job to make sure the job meets all the electrical safety and installation requirements and prepare a Certificate of Compliance (COC) for the site.

Theyalso need to ensure power is flowing to your private service line before the inspection – sometimes that means asking for an Alpine line mechanic to come with the inspector.

Once work is complete the electrical inspector conducts a range of tests and checks.  If the COC is correct and the tests and checks verify the site is compliant, the inspector will hang the meter and connect your electricity.

When you’re ready for your installation to be livened and a meter installed, contact your energy retailer who will request the inspection on your behalf.

Electrical inspections and metering services are a chargeable service so we recommend you clarify charges with the retailer prior to requesting connection.