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If you wish to report an emergency fault, such as fallen live lines, a motor accident or have heard a large bang, please call us immediately 0800 66 11 77.

Do not fill out the online form.

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Faults are caused by four main events – bad weather, trees or other debris on lines, vehicle accidents involving poles, and equipment failure on the network.

Power faults are noticeable if any of the following occur:

  • there is no power at all at your place
  • there is only partial power available
  • the power supply is fluctuating
  • there is a noise from the meter board.

If you notice any of these then you should do the following:

  • check whether the street lights are on if it is night-time
  • check if your neighbours have power
  • check the fuses or circuit breakers in your fuse box
  • check your mains switch.

Did you see or hear anything that might have caused a power outage – an accident, lightening strike, fire or other emergency?

No matter what happens, you should treat all lines as live - even if the power is turned off at the main switch. However you should turn your power off at the mains if you smell smoke or if the power is surging and lights or appliances are turning on and off.

Electronic appliances should be turned off at the wall if the power is surging, the fuse has blown, water has come in contact with an appliance you are using or if your home is struck by lightening.